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Rated Five Stars BloggingPoet.com - The online home of published author, poet, blogger, and freelance journalist, Billy Jones, AKA Billy The Blogging Poet TM where you will find original poetry, short stories, commentary, music reviews, lots of links to other great blogs, and more...
Rated Five Stars A Frog Style Biscuit - Cryptome meets Hello Kitty Frog Style is a place just 4 U. Security concerns and also fun, fashion, and happiness. Make a frand you will never forget FROG STYLE WAY!
Not Yet Rated Miscellaneous Reflexions - Incisive thoughts on government, society, and some deeper thoughts.
Not Yet Rated Rupee News - Recording History, Narrating Archives
Not Yet Rated A Community In Action - Phil Andrews, controversial independent community councillor at the London Borough of Hounslow.
Not Yet Rated Politics3X - Political commentary from a secular conservative perspective.
Not Yet Rated The Purple Truth - Domestic policy and economic issues blog of epic proportions. Best BS radar on the Interwebs.
Not Yet Rated Malta Observer - An expat blog about Malta and its internal affairs, politics, news, differences, culture, cuisine, legal system, restaurants, entertainment and much more.
Not Yet Rated The Daily Dissident - Of all the news sites in cyberspace, you visited this one. Perhaps you happened upon the site by chance, intrigued by its offbeat name, or maybe a friend recommended that you stop by for a visit.

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