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Rated Five Stars BloggingPoet.com - The online home of published author, poet, blogger, and freelance journalist, Billy Jones, AKA Billy The Blogging Poet TM where you will find original poetry, short stories, commentary, music reviews, lots of links to other great blogs, and more...
Rated Five Stars Fun Product Of The Day - Fun Product Of The Day™ collects all the fun, odd and weird products listed for sale on Amazon.com. Everyday it features one new fun item along with its review and purchasing details.
Rated Five Stars Pippy Style - Pippin the krazy kitty tells of his daily struggles, thoughts, and experiences as a captive in the world of humans.
Rated Five Stars Green Pearl Girl - The not so glamorous life of a twentysomething lawyer
Rated Four Stars Jough's Life Dot Com - Everything you ever wanted to know about Jough's Life.
Rated Four Stars JokesX - Jokes and funny messages about different aspects of life.SMS for mobile of different categories like love,friendship,girlfriend and lots more.jokes,fun,funny,sms,witty,Humour,punchline,messages,Amusing Messages,Comic-Timing
Rated Three Stars Musings of a chick - I am a cranky redhead that comments on life, celebrities and general weirdness. Come read my site!
Rated Three Stars Amazing illusions - Providing a fresh look at spontaneous optical illusions that occur in real life, traditional optical illusions and new cutting edge optical illusions.
Rated Three Stars Tina Fey Scar Detective - Tina Fey Scar Detective attempts to unravel the mystery surroundings Tina Feys pronounced scar upon her left cheek. Many have pondered the enigma. We hope to find out what happened to the popular Saturday Night Live comedian and writer.
Not Yet Rated About a boy - About a boy who refuses to grow up. Contains wacky one liners
Not Yet Rated Breakfast Epiphanies - The tragically serious chronicles of scriptwriter, Sandy Nicholson
Not Yet Rated Cordials in the Courtyard - This site is dedicated to living life to the fullest. It includes humorous insights, things to do, photos and recipes. There is a Southern flavor to the content, with much of the events occurring in and around Maryland Frederick and the environs.
Not Yet Rated The Mad ElectricBillyGoat.com - A virtual sanctuary for seekers of progressive filth. The latest in arts, indie entertainment, and high-brow intentioned humor that tumbles headlong into a pit of raunch. Sure to delight wiley grandmothers and penitant vagitarians alike.
Not Yet Rated Sentimental Journeys - Sentimental Journeys is a Pop Culture blog, looking back at our history, from the 1950s to 2010. We discuss classic TV programs, vintage advertising print commercials and classic TV related toys.
Not Yet Rated Library for Fun - Jokes and Joy - A great site to read some good jokes and funny quotes...Come and see for yourself!
Not Yet Rated funny jokes - visit for funny jokes and humorous one liners and quotes.
Not Yet Rated Comedy, satire and sarcasm with an amuse-bouche of humorous irony - Whats going down? Comedy, satire and sarcasm with an amuse-bouche of humorous irony this blog is bizarre and very funny.
Not Yet Rated The Frankenstein House - First-time homeowner, fixing up a house so strangely built that Frankenstein himself would have recognized it as a kindred monster spirit. No home renovation experience, just lots of trial and error. Because HGTV cant make over everyones house.
Not Yet Rated ... and several butchers aprons. - Politics. Satire. Music… leaning largely to the left. “The Blog for a Quality Waste of Time.” - A satiric look at politics from a distinctive left-leaning view with frequent forays into music and daily-life commentary.
Not Yet Rated FunnyandSpicy - Watch latest funny,crazy and viral videos daily.
Not Yet Rated ermagazin fun, unusual, mystery and inexplicable phenomena and more - Here are the strangest stories from the world, interesting topics, people, fun, modern design, illusion, mystery and inexplicable phenomena, hilarious videos, and more!
Not Yet Rated Fashion and More - This is a blog about fashion, fashion accessories, belts, shoes, handbags, and much more.
Not Yet Rated In Adagio - In Adagio is a blog about mostly music that was formed in January, 2011.
Not Yet Rated A day a crazy,wackyfunny joke for FREE!!Visit Now!! - Do your heard before that some website provided free jokes for public?In my blog you will have a chance to read about 100different type of jokes for FREE.You can even relieve your pressure..Visit my blog now and start laughing
Not Yet Rated Sugbloggen - a blog about my everyday experinces and thoughts on things that suck.In Swedish!
Not Yet Rated Pinoy Jokes and Funny SMS Text Messages - A collection of Pinoy Jokes | Funny Pinoy SMS Text Messages | Pinoy Funny SMS Text Jokes | Tagalog Funny Text TXT Jokes | Tagalog Funny Pilipino Qoutes
Not Yet Rated Thoughts On Quotes - Thoughts On Quotes includes creative thoughts and inspired pontifications about famous quotes from throughout history..
Not Yet Rated Pinoy Space - The greatest collection of Filipino humor filled with pinoy hilarious stories, funny SMS messages, naughty jokes, amazing videos and other crazy stuffs in one blog site.
Not Yet Rated The World of Nothing - A personal weblog, interesting and entertaining post that is written more on local dialect in Philippines. Dedicated especially to bisaya people. Jokes, songs, funny stuff and anything under the sun.
Not Yet Rated Powerful Balance - Skillfully Gain the Powers of Balance
Not Yet Rated Ava Pierce The Blog - When all hell breaks loose in life, retail therapy is the best solution but venting is much less expensive! Hang out awhile and enjoy the rants, ravings and adventures of “IT” girl Ava Pierce.
Not Yet Rated Main Street Fair Blog - Here you will find information on a variety of topics, from optimizing products to help you sell them faster to different ways to raise funds for schools and off the wall-fun blog post. Become part of it now, Blog on!
Not Yet Rated Nothing Is As It Appears - Behind the mindset of women and people from a psychology major perspective.
Not Yet Rated Devon Marshall Writes - Just for fun EntertainmentMedia-based blog of lesbian fiction writer Devon Marshall.
Not Yet Rated Colorful Rants of a Fed Up Sista - Real, raw and random. A lot like life anyway, Thundercat832s comedic rants are bold, outstanding, and just a tad raunchy at times.
Not Yet Rated 365 blog challenge - I own alot of movies! I attempt to watch 365 in one year! all at random and then blog!

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