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It's Your YouOS

Author: Jough

Two weeks ago I had written about an online operating system. At the closing of the post I had stated that I didnít think anything of the sort would happen over night. Well, it did. A couple days ago I was digging through some recent news when I ran across an article about a JavaScript based operating system called YouOS.

When I first heard about the system I didnít expect anything more than the upcoming Windows Live system which has movable and replaceable "windows". But, I decided to give YouOS a try after reading the numerous comments it was receiving. Unfortunately their server was down at the time and I had to wait a few hours in order to log in; understandable considering the statement on their first page, "Still wayyyy alpha".

If I were to sum up my first experience with the YouOS I would have to say I was overwhelmed. The functionality of the system is amazing! You truly have to see it to believe it. Currently the operating system contains several basic programs including a chat room, mail system, and even a light word processor but as stated on their blog hundreds of new programs are being developed every day. See, YouOS has designed their system (in under three months) around user development. They have integrated their own Javascript API so that web developers may create their own YouOS based programs and share them between multiple users.

Donít let the appearance of YouOS turn you away. Iím sure Jeff, Joe, Sam and Srini will develop many new styles and schemes in the future. YouOS still has a long way to go to actually becoming practical for everyday use, but from a developerís standpoint it left me speechless.


March 18, 2006 Wutzle Comments (5)


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